Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend and after

The first week of classes came and went and led right into the long Labor Day weekend. And for us missionaries it meant a labor less weekend. The freshmen moved in the Thursday before, the 26th. We helped students move in to the dorms from noon until 4pm, during that time we met a ton of students and invited them to a volleyball tournament we planned for that evening. That night we had over 100 students join us at the volleyball courts, over 60 played, while the rest enjoyed some freeze pops and cheered on the competitors.

Friday night we hosted a root beer float party and gave away over 225 floats! This was a great time for us to get to know some of the students that we helped to move in as well as meet some new students. The fun and free weekend ended on Saturday night when we hosted a pizza party, we had 40 pizzas! The students loved it and we were already recognizing some faces and getting to know a lot of students.

Classes started the following Monday and for Melissa and I, my Varsity Catholic teammate, it was a big week for us as we met with several of the coaches as well as their teams. By the end of the week we spoke to 8 teams, there are 14 total. With each team we shared with them how we came to be missionaries, our experience in collegiate athletics, our foundation in faith, and how we are on campus to serve them. The response from the coaches and students has been overwhelmingly positive.

Since talking with the teams that we have we've each met with a few of the student individually and have seen them around campus. Several times since I have been here I have thought back to this summer when I told my family and friends what I would be doing on campus and how it seemed like it would never get to that point in time. But finally those things are happening, and I absolutely love it. Staying centered in Christ and being encouraged by others through Christ has been crucial for me to stay positive. Thank you all for the prayers, please keep them coming, and know that you are in mine!!

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