Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1st Semester

I’ve been home in Waukesha now since 12/18 and since I’ve been here I’ve had a good chance to reflect on my first semester as a FOCUS missionary…………

Its hard to believe that I have been in South Orange for over 4 months already, but I guess it’s good that time has gone so fast. I love my job. Thank you Jesus.

I remember being anxious about moving out east, maybe even intimidated by the idea of being so close to New York City (since I had never been there before.) One thing is for sure…… the east coast is a different world! But I think I’ve adjusted well. Thankfully I’ve been blessed with a great team to work with and 3 of which who were at Seton Hall last year and really helped to make the transition almost painless. I also have 2 teammates that went through the ups and downs of being a 1st year missionary with me.

Along with learning to adjust my lifestyle to the east coast I learned that there are hungry souls on this college campus. Souls that are hungry for truth and willing to seek the truth. There have been a few times that I have sat around campus in random places, but very much public places where I have been appalled at things I have overheard. Students talking about things they did the night before or were hoping to do the coming night. Now I am by no means naïve to what happens on campus having spent the last 6 years on a college campus, but some things I have heard out here have surprised me. And that has made me even more zealous for souls and a given me a greater desire to share the glory and joy of the Kingdom.

I have been blessed with leading young men on the Seton Hall Baseball team in a weekly Bible study. We’ve had a good time this first semester getting to know each other in and out of Bible study and I’m looking forward to seeing them compete this spring.

I’m also excited to be on campus and feel like an experienced staff member. Even with one semester on campus I feel like I know much more than I did when I showed up on campus in August and I’m excited to do some things differently and try some new things.

Go Pirates!

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