Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Week on the job

Another great week at Seton Hall, God is so good!

On Monday night we had the 1st Student Athlete Mass of the semester. And there was record attendance! Almost 40 athletes were there, last year I think the highest attendance was around 25. And it was great because there were so many athletes that had never attended anything that Varsity Catholic had put on before. A great night of sharing the Eucharist with the student athletes.

On Tuesday, I had the chance to watch the #1 men's soccer team in the country play against an unranked Seton Hall team. Seton Hall really played their hearts out and played Maryland to a double over time 0-0 tie. It was such an exciting game, I enjoyed sticking around to talk to some of the players after the game to congratulate them on competing so hard.

On Thursday, I had my first Bible study of the semester. 12 men showed up, I invited probably close to 30, so not a bad turnout. For 4 guys it was their first Bible study at Seton Hall, so great to see new men desiring God in their lives. The other 8 were guys that were there were involved last year and it was great to. But we had a great discussion on John 3, talking about why Nicodemus questioned the teachings of Jesus and why we settle as men and humans to live in the darkness instead of stepping into and sharing the light, Jesus Christ.

This weekend I had the opportunity to share my work with a parish in Nutley, NJ. This is one of the ways that FOCUS missionaries develop their financial support teams, buy speaking at parishes and not asking for donations but asking to meet with individuals, couples, or families to intimately share the work of FOCUS with them and then invite them to play a crucial role in our mission by becoming a monthly mission partner. There was pretty good response and I am looking forward to meeting with those that were interested.

Please pray for the men on the baseball team that are committed to Bible study, for men in other sports to be open to Bible study, and that I will be able to increase my monthly support to stay on staff with FOCUS well into the future.

God bless you.

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