Friday, November 11, 2011

My Favorite Vets

I've been thinking a lot today about my family, friends, and aquaintances I've known that have served our country. I have 2 close friends that have made multiple tours of the middle east in the last 5 years with the Marines, thank you.

I've always had a respect for Veterans because of my grandpa. I do vaguely remember him being a member of the V. F. W. and I remember me having no clue what that was. I remember how he would march in the parades - proudly.

This last year my grandmother gave me this article about my grandpa and his brothers. My grandpa left this earth almost 17 years ago, but not a day goes by that I don't think about him and miss him. I love you so much ACJ. Those were my grandpa's initials, his grandpa called him that. And then my grandpa called me that.

Here is the text of the article that is pictured:


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Garcia have received word that their son, Albert Garcia, Jr. was promoted to technical sergeant May 24 in Germany.

He has been in combat for ten months and is up for decoration. He holds the good conduct medal, combat infantryman badge, five battle stars and the presidential citation ribbon for the rescue of the lost batallion at Mortain, August 16, 1944.

Four other sons in the service are, Tony in the Marines in the Pacific, Anselmo in the Army in Germany, Mike in the Army and back from overseas, and Adolph in the Navy at sea.

Thank you grandpa and my great-uncles for your service and commitment to our great country. Thank you all veterans and may God bless you.

Love you ACJ.


  1. AJ- Nice tribute to your family members and all Veterans. We thank all veterans and thank you for sharing. IL May's

  2. Thanks for sharing this tribute. People today know little of the dreadful conditions our men fought in during WW II, Korea, and Vietnam. My husband is a member of the VFW having served in Korea in the late 50s (the Korean War is technically still on) and other places in Asia at that time.