Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Week Bible Study Story

12 men from the Seton Hall baseball team and soccer team were at our weekly Bible study and to celebrate Holy Week we watched The Passion. An incredible movie that captures the emotion and suffering of Jesus so well. After the movie there were 2-3 minutes of complete silence. The silence was broken with a few questions and thoughts from the guys. One of the guys who recently started attending Bible study shared a great thought with us. He spoke about when the guards are nailing Jesus to the Cross. He said, "I felt it, I just thought, He did that for me, He did that for us."

I ended the Bible study encouraging the men, I told them that if Jesus really did all of what we just saw then we can't live the same way. I challenged them to pray and ask God to make that change they need in their lives. I invited them to the Chapel to pray. 7-8 of the guys walked over to the Chapel, it was a little after 10 and the Chapel was locked. I invited them to another Chapel across campus and I said, or...we could pray here on the steps. I started talking to one of the guys, when another guy said, "All right, I'm gonna pray here, you guys gonna join me?" So there we were, 7-8 Seton Hall athletes kneeling on the cement steps praying in front of the Chapel- it was a very powerful 5 minutes united in prayer begging the Lord to change our lives.

Please don't go through the motions this week, enter the Passion, experience it as if you are at the foot of the Cross. Blessed Triduum. God bless you.


  1. How wonderful to hear that these young men take their faith so seriously, especially at a time in their lives when so many young people turn away from the church - inspiring!

  2. I loved hearing about this. Men who aren't afraid to follow Christ on the college campus. Thanks be to God!