Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beards for Breath Recognition

Well as some of you know, earlier this week I created an event on Facebook called "Beards for Breath". The idea started to develop last weekend while I was at Montclair State University for a men's night hosted by Fr. Jim Chern and Patrick Rivera-a FOCUS missionary at Montclair State. In all there were about 15 men that attended, we had a lot of great discussion throughout the night. My favorite was probably reflecting on a video we watched. The video was an episode from the "Band of Brothers" HBO series. I'm not sure what the episode was called, but it was about the medic of the platoon while the men were fighting in France. It showed how much this man served as a servant to those men and how he guarded the heart of a nurse that he no doubt had a desire for. It was great for us men who are in a battle of our own (a spiritual battle) to see a man serving his brothers and sisters so well and so courageously.

Throughout the night we enjoyed some great food, a bonfire, small explosions, and ended the the night as all manly men did last Saturday night, by watching the UFC Fight. Between the fights during UFC the topic of "No Shave November" came up. Several men were talking about how they would do it, but would like to do if for a purpose, cause, or motivation. I agreed.

A few days later I came up with the idea for "Beards for Breath". I was hesitant to share the idea at first because I thought it seemed like a bit of a stretch, but then I thought and wrote my last blog and with the encouragement of a few others, I shared it with the Facebook world on Wednesday.

Since then over 1000 people have checked out the "Beards for Breath" event page. And 400 of those have committed their facial hair ( or leg hair, way to go ladies!) for the next month to the lives of the unborn and preborn. Check out the page here:!/event.php?eid=156894877678868&index=1

The page has also stirred up a great debate. More than 50 have posted their own thoughts on the page, most of them stating their stance on the issue of abortion. Every time I check the page more people have been invited, so thank you to all for inviting your friends.

The page has also attracted the attention of a nationally known speaker Dave DiNuzzo. Today he posted on his website, some information about the "Beards for Breath" event. Thanks Dave! See the blog here:

The idea behind "Beards for Breath" is described both on the Facebook event page and in my last blog. The idea is to offer up our suffering and fasting of not shaving for the souls of the unborn and preborn, but over all to bring glory to the Kingdom of God.

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