Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beards for Breath

Many of you will see this soon on Facebook but I wanted to blog about it too........

Most of us are familiar with what has become known as "No Shave November" a great time for men everywhere to join uniting in hairy faces. Each year I am asked to join friends in this shaveless endeavor and each year I am hesitant to commit. There are a few reasons for this, 1. I have symmetrical bald spots on my face preventing the growth of a full and natural beard. And 2. What is the reason for not shaving, is there a cause or what?

So this year I invite you to join me in a cause for “No Shave November” and join me in “Beards for Breath”. Some of you know that October was Pro-Life Month, but why should it end in October? So this November instead of just not shaving I invite you to fast from shaving, giving you an easy opportunity to offer something up in prayer. So every time you itch your face or are running your hands through your beard and think how much it is driving you crazy, offer it up and say a prayer for those little ones that have yet to take a breath and for those who were never given a chance to breathe.

Now I understand that some of you may be hesitant to commit to this due to a female influence; girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, etc. Well invite them to join you. Not to stop shaving, but to offer up how bad you might look or how much they might hate your facial hair in prayer that those breaths of the unborn might be taken.

There are so many women that are using contraceptives or are considering an abortion, some that have never even considered life for the one inside of them. At the same time men are using contraceptives and encouraging those abortions.

So men let us sharpen our razors one last time this Sunday and then let us unite in prayer and hairy faces as we pray for an end to abortion.

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